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The Abh Nation, formally known as NationSafugnoff, has been loyally dedicated to the Seikai universe of Hiroyuki Morioka since Janurary of 2003!

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Written by ACIDSTEALTH   
Tuesday, 05 October 2004

In order to protect our own interests, and the interests of our members, we have established this comprehensive copyright policy. The Abh Nation complies with all applicable copyright laws, and thus we expect the same with any entity utilizing our content under this license. For private and personal usage of content on this site, refer to the section of this policy titled, "Fair Use Rights".

 Creative Commons License Disclaimer
All content on this website is protected under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 License unless otherwise stated below. All content protected under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 License must be accompanied with the proper attribution, as defined below. Some exclusions apply. Any excluded articles will be subject to the terms below.

 Statement of Attribution - The Abh Nation
 All work(s) presented on this page, unless otherwise stated, have been taken from The Abh Nation, and are protected under intellectual copyright laws. This statement may not be modified. It must be displayed in this black table at a font size of no less than 12pt Times New Roman and a font color of white or light gray.   
 Seikai Series
"Seikai no Danshou I & II", "Seikai no Monshou" and, "Senki no Senki I, II, III, & IV", all characters, names, and plots are copyright© to Hiroyuki Morioka. All screen capture images are copyright© Bandai Entertainment and Sunrise. They may be redistributed only for non-commercial purposes. For a full list of credits and a detailed copyright of the series please see the article titled, “Creators ”.

Any and all content in the, "Information" section of this site may be used in compliance with the terms set fourth in the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 License. Some exclusions apply. See list below.
- Given that the information on this site is compiled from the collective works of Hiroyuki Morioka, you are free to distribute such information without citing The Abh Nation as your source if and only if you reword the information in its entirety. You need only cite us as your source if you intend to copy our content verbatim.
- The, "Baronh-English Dictionary" is is the property of The Abh Nation and may not be redistributed under any circumstances. It may only be used for translation and reference. The Abh Nation does not require you to cite us as your source when using this article.
Any and all content in the, "Downloads" section of this site may be used in compliance with the terms set fourth in the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 License. Some exclusions apply. See list below.
- "The Abh Google" is the property of Puppetmaster and may not be redistributed without written permission from Puppetmaster.
- The, "Seikai AIM Icons" are property of Psicop and may not be redistributed without written permission from PsiCop.
- The, "Baronh Font Set" is the property of Barmark2000 and may not be redistributed without written permission from Barmark2000.
- The desktop wallpapers belong to various authors. For details on which ones may be redistributed, please contact us.

 Fan Works
All materials hosted under the, "Fandom" section of this site are the property of their respective authors. They are not to be redistributed on any other site without written permission from the author. The Abh Nation does not own any of these articles and has displayed them with permission from the authors. Please direct any inquiries regarding redistribution of such content to the designated author. Some exclusions apply. See list below.

- The article titled, "Abh Pickup Lines" may be redistributed so long as none of the authors submit a written objection.

 Site Name
"NationSafugnoff", "The Abh Nation", and "Murainragh F'a Abh" are copyright© to ACIDSTEALTH. Use of these names or any variations in any language is strictly prohibited. If you need assistance creating a site name, please feel free to contact The Abh Nation and we will gladly assist you.

 Site Design

None of the templates used on this site may be redistributed or modified under any circumstances. This includes all logos, banners, menu images, CSS templates, any other miscellaneous graphics.

Any and all content posted on the forum is the property of the poster. Any inquiries regarding the redistribution of posted content must be directed to the author of such posts. No information posted on the forum is official or guaranteed to be accurate unless a staff member states otherwise. Only information on the main site is considered official and accurate unless otherwise stated. The Abh Nation is not responsible for the content of the posts made on our forums. We will do our best to enforce the rules, however we are not responsible for what other people say or do and cannot be held liable.

 National Archives
None of the content within this section of the site may be redistributed. The Abh Nation does not guarantee the accuracy of anything stated in this section of the site. This section of the site is for historical purposes only.

 Fair Use Rights
The terms set forth in this policy do not apply to private usage of this content. This policy only governs the redistribution of content from this site by individuals or groups to the public. Any content on this site may be used privately in any manor so long as it is not redistributed in violation of the terms set fourth in this policy.

 Questions or Exceptions
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this policy, please contact us. If you are in doubt as to whether you may reuse a specific piece of work, do not be afraid to ask. Exceptions can be made, but only if you ask us! The Abh Nation will take action against anyone caught violating this policy.

 Notice of Revision
The Abh Nation has the right to change the terms of this policy at any time and for any reason without notice. This policy is effective as of this 30th of March, 2009. 
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 31 March 2009 )

All content herein is Copyright´┐Ż The Abh Nation unless otherwise stated.
See Copyright Policy for complete details.