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The Abh Nation, formally known as NationSafugnoff, has been loyally dedicated to the Seikai universe of Hiroyuki Morioka since Janurary of 2003!

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Welcome to The Abh Nation

The Abh Nation has closed indefinitely as of April 20th, 2009 due a lack of activity. The Abh Nation’s members have compiled a list of web addresses (in no particular order) where members of the community can be located.

Baka-Tsuki Translation Project
Members of the community are working to translate the 7th novel, as well as the short stories, into English.

Seikai Wikia
This site features general information articles that can be edited by the general public.

Seikai no Space
This site features general information on the series as well as some information for the Homeworld2 game mod.

Kin of the Stars
This site is a recently activated forum for relocating members.

Project Lafiel
This site features some general information on the series, as well as a forum that has recently been activated.

NSWiki Baronh
This site is about the Baronh language.

English-Russian Translation Project
This site is the home of a group working to translate the novels into Russian.

Seikai Photo Flickr
A gallery run by LymhFeubdach.

Imperial Nerds
This site is a general science fiction community.

Posted on April 20th, 2009 by ACIDSTEALTH - Comments

A New Beginning

It is my hope that the grand speech I gave a few weeks ago will encourage members to not lose hope for the future. I know the times ahead will be tough, but it is my belief that new leaders will rise up and build a prosperous community around this great epic that is Seikai. The main site of The Abh Nation as well as the forums will remain visible to the public to serve as a repository of information. Please keep in mind that as useful as any of the information here may be, it is far from complete. There are still five more novels to be written! Just remember that while I won’t be around anymore, this site will always be around to serve as a guide to all fans of Seikai. For almost seven years I have had the privilege of leading this great community. We have shared so many memories and have been through so much together. We have all grown and changed since we first set out on this journey together. Most of us have moved on, a few of us have remained. Now the time has arrived. This journey is now at an end, and a new journey is just beginning. Most of you will likely move on, but a few of you will stay and begin a new journey. Soon new fans of this great series will join you, and another epic journey will begin. The past seven years have been filled with great memories for me and for many of you, but now it is time for us to move on. With that said, I bid you all farewell.

Good luck, and Godspeed to you all!
Signing Off,

Posted on April 20th, 2009 by ACIDSTEALTH - Comments

It Has Been An Honor To Serve

My fellow citizens of The Abh Nation, I come before you today, the 2,266th day of my administration as your Commander-and-Chief, to bring you grave news. For as long as there has been a series called, "Seikai no Monshou/Senki", there has been a torch with a flame on it. Only a few great leaders have carried this Torch of Seikai. It has been passed down from one generation of fans, to the next. As the torch grows dim, one generation must surrender it to the next to keep the fire burning. 2,266 days ago, a great leader vanished, leaving the torch for anyone who dared to pick it up. On that day, I picked up the torch, and The Abh Nation was born. With your help I grew the tiny flame into a roaring fire. The Abh Nation reached an unprecedented level of prosperity. The light became blinding.

I am afraid however, that that blinding light has long since faded into the burning embers of a once glorious nation. As your Commander-and-Chief, I have held this great Torch of Seikai through its greatest hours, and it's darkest hours. However I have failed to keep the fire burning. I stopped fueling the fire. I stopped adding new content to the nation. I became content to watch the nation grow, rather than help it grow. The nation stopped growing, and now so much work has been undone. The fire is as dim now as it was when I first picked up this Torch of Seikai.

As I ponder the future of The Abh Nation, I've realized that my focus has shifted to the preservation of The Abh Nation, not the success of the Seikai fan community. I built the greatest Abh nation the world has ever seen. The Abh Nation has dominated the Seikai world for ages, like a new Roman Empire. However just as the Roman Empire collapsed, so too shall The Abh Nation. On that day, the Torch of Seikai shall hit the ground with a thud. There it shall lie until another great leader rises to the occasion. I know not who this leader will be, but just as the previous bearer of the torch let go, neither did she know who the new leader would be.

I come before you today, the 2,266th day of my administration as your Commander-and-Chief of the most glorious Abh Nation in the history of the world, to bring you news. Effective 1200 hours (GMT-6), April 20th, 2009, on the 2,301st day of my administration, I shall resign my position as your Commander-and-Chief. In doing so, I shall willingly do what I should have done a long time ago. I will drop the Torch of Seikai so that a new leader can bring the Seikai community into a new era of greatness.

I had deeply hoped to hand pick an individual to lead The Abh Nation into a new era of greatness. I have searched high and low for someone with the qualities I feel are needed to hold such a powerful position. Regrettably, after nearly two and a half years, I have failed to find that person. The Abh Nation will now be without a leader. The empire shall collapse, as all great empires inevitably do. On that day, as I resign my command of the nation, the doors will close. I cannot know what future awaits the Seikai fans that have called this nation home for so long. I offer my deepest sympathies in advance, to all those of whom will be sorrowed by my decision to resign. However I predict a brighter future for Seikai without The Abh Nation. Already, for the first time in many years, I have seen members working to revitalize the community. I have high hopes that from this group of dedicated fans will arise a new leader. This leader will build a new nation of the Abh. This new Abh nation will become ten times greater than The Abh Nation ever was. Eventually however, like the first Abh nation, this new Abh nation will falter, and collapse. It's leader will surrender the torch to yet another generation of fans, who will build an Abh nation ten times greater than the second, and one hundred times greater than the first. After all, together we built an Abh nation ten times greater than anything that came before us.

I cannot know what future awaits you all. I have been privileged to call many of you my friends. It is my hope that this decision will not bring ill will upon me. Two years ago I tried to close the doors if a certain level of activity was not reached. Though the forums never reached that goal, I held out hope and rescinded my decision. Since then, the amount of activity on the site has continued to plummet to fewer than 10 posts per day. The flame of the torch has almost died out now, and I must do what I should have done two years ago. This time my decision is final. The Abh Nation's Forum will close its doors forever. Approximately one week prior to my resignation, I will prepare the nation for a long rest. The main site will remain open to traffic. The, "Contact Me" page will be disabled. The main site will continue to operate under The Abh Nation's National Archives. When users access the site, they will be directed from a splash screen to the archives, where they can then navigate to the main site. The Abh Nation will live on, only as a reference for the new leaders of the Seikai community. And to those leaders I say, "rise now, for the honor of leading the Seikai community has now passed from me to you".

I will begin making the necessary preparations one week prior to my resignation. The forums shall remain open through the last day so that members can make last minute farewells and gather any data stored in their accounts. On my last day serving as your Commander-and-Chief, I shall address the nation again. It will be my last address to the nation, and shall be of a more personal nature.

I hope that in the years to come, a new generation of fans will look to The Abh Nation as the gold standard, and aspire to surpass that standard. The immediate future may seem bleak and difficult, but I have the utmost confidence in your abilities to lead the new generation of fans to greatness. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve with you all.

Daïsaire Murainragh F'a Abh!

ACIDSTEALTH, Commander-and-Chief of The Abh Nation

March 16th, 2009.

Posted on March 16th, 2009 by ACIDSTEALTH - Comments

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